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Tortoise vs Toy Truck

First of all, do you know the difference between turtles, terrapins, and tortoises? Apparently, there’s not that much.  The primary difference between the three has more to do with where they live than how they […]

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Cat In A Shark Suit Riding On A Roomba Cleaning The Kitchen

You read the headline correctly. This is a video of a cat wearing a shark suit riding on a roomba around a kitchen floor. Everything else in the video is perfectly normal, which makes it […]

94.5 KOOL FM–08/01/2014

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Cutest Crizzly Bear Attack Of All Time

Wait a minute, when is a grizzly bear attack cute?  Answer: when mama grizzly ‘s not around.  If she were, the guy in this video would be toast, but since she’s not, you know he’s […]


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Confused Dog On Trampoline

Generally, I try to post blogs here at that have some form of significance…or a “meaning” in life.  But, I can see exactly how many people click on specific blogs.  And, history has proven […]


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Skateboarding Goat Sets New Guinness World Record

I didn’t even know there was a world record category for skateboarding goats, but there is and ‘Happy’ is the new champ.  She recently traveled a distance of 118 feet to set a new Guinness […]


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Boy And His Dog Scratch Each Other’s Back

A dog is not just man’s best friend, in this case he’s a young boy’s best friend.  This isn’t a trick video, they’re both scratching each other’s back at the same time, and the kid’s […]


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Raccoon Assists Mechanic With Car Repair

That may not be exactly what’s happening in today’s video of the day, but  it sure looks like it.  Does the repair shop charge more or less to have a raccoon on one of the […]


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Puppy Makes A Daring Escape – Almost

Here’s a cute puppy video with a surprise, as the small one tries to make an escape from his cage as his “cell mate” looks on.  It’s the unexpected twist of what happens after the […]


(Photo by HOLGER HOLLEMANN/AFP/Getty Images)

Kitten Vs. Bunny: Who Wins?

“Kitten Vs. Bunny” sounds like a Playboy Playmate Jello wrestling match.  But, this is actually another in a long line of hysterical animal videos.  Why do we keep posting them?  Because YOU keep watching!!! This […]


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Puppies Pushing Each Other On A Skateboard

Videos of pet puppies playing are always popular – that’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.  All the puppies in this video have quite a skill being able to push each other around on […]