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Facebook is Now Involved in One Out of Every Three Divorces

One of the underrated side effects of Facebook is that it’s a HOMEWRECKER.  And its homewrecking powers just keep growing. In December of 2010, a study found that Facebook was cited in one out of […]


Here’s What You Need to Know About the Big Changes Coming to Facebook

Your Facebook page changed a few days ago.  But MARK ZUCKERBERG isn’t done with you yet.  Here are more changes they announced yesterday, that are coming soon. #1.)  The Timeline.  Facebook is planning to do […]


People Rank Facebook More Important Than a Flushing Toilet

There’s a metaphor here comparing Facebook and a toilet.  I’m not going to flesh it out, but there’s a metaphor. Anyway, in a recent survey out of Scotland . . . but one that we […]


The Average Person Has Never Met 7% of Their Facebook Friends

Here’s more proof that Facebook has changed the definition of the word “friend.”  According to a new study, the average Facebook user has never even met 7%of their Facebook friends.  That works out to about […]