foul ball

foul balls

Bucket List Item #1

You have heard of the “BUCKET LIST” before, right? It’s that list of things you would like to do before you ‘kick the bucket’. I have a list too and I want to share MY […]

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Baseball fan keeps ball but loses life!

It’s hard to imagine, you go to the baseball game with your son..he leaves alone! That’s what happened in Texas yesterday where the Rangers were taking on the Athletics.


Fan All Wet

It’s not every day a fan pays for an overpriced beer at a ballpark and actually gets some added value out of the expensive transaction. Then again, it’s not every day that a baseball player […]


Was The Batter A Democrat?

President George W. Bush showed his agility when that foreign reporter threw a shoe at him a few years ago.  This time, it was a foul ball at a Rangers game.  I’m here to tell […]