Eagle Eye View!

In the “This Is Pretty KOOL” department, I was turned on to this video by Jason in our web department, and I just had to get it out there to you! It’s a video of an […]

94.5 KOOL FM–09/18/2013

A New Survey Finds the Best and Worst Seats on an Airplane

A new survey tried to figure out the BEST and WORST seats on an airplane, and the best seat on the average commercial plane is . . . 6A.


The TSA is Only the Third Most Annoying Thing About Flying

Almost everyone seems to HATE the TSA.  But it turns out . . . we hate EACH OTHER more. The U.S. Travel Association just released the results of a survey on the things that annoy […]


16% of Americans are Afraid to Fly This September 11th

This September 11th is the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  And that milestone seems to be drumming up some of the fear we felt a decade ago. According to a new survey by the […]


Richard Simmons stars in the new in-flight safety video for Air New Zealand

    Richard Simmons is about to make flying a lot more fun. He’s the new star of Air New Zealand’s flight safety video. Would you be up for seeing such short shorts before your […]


Flying This Thanksgiving?

Here are some great websites to help you that have info on airline fees, security procedures, parking at Sky Harbor (including discount coupons), airport WI-FI, and more!