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Who Gave You The Flu? New App Helps You Find Out

Those chills. The fatigue and sore throat. Those pounding headaches and the sneezing. Face it: you have the flu. As you load up on chicken noodle soup and vitamin C, you sit and wonder who […]


Five Myths About Being Sick That Moms Still Believe

A survey by Vicks, the vapor-rub people, found that moms may not be the best source for medical advice when you’re sick.  85% of moms believe you lose the most heat through your head.  Nearly […]


To Neti Or Not To Neti

[sponsored] Can you die from irrigating your sinuses with a Neti Pot?


Half of Women Would Rather Get the Flu Themselves Than Have to Take Care of Their Sick Husbands

It’s a scientific fact that when grown men get sick, they immediately revert back to being spoiled, needy eight-year-old boys.  And their WIVES have to deal with it. A new survey by Walgreens shows JUST […]


Rod & Stevie…No Duets?

The “Heart And Soul Tour” featuring [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Rod Stewart[/lastfm] & [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Stevie Nicks[/lastfm] was SUPPOSED to kick off last weekend.  But, due to Rod’s nasty flu, it was delayed until last night.  I recently blogged […]


Free Flu Shots For Veterans

I wanted to pass on this info about free flu shots at the VA hospital for our veterans. Flu (influenza) season is here and VA encourages all eligible Veterans to get their free flu shot, […]


To Sanitize Or NOT To Sanitize?

See the shocked look on my face?  I was JUST about to use that hand sanitzer when I read that it doesn’t really prevent colds or the flu!  Why didn’t I get those flu shots […]