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[WATCH] Flight Attendant Shocks Passengers With Midlife Crisis Speech

Oh boy, how many times have you been on a flight and sit through the explanation of safety instructions from the flight attendants? I’m not sure how many people pay any attention anymore. I mean […]


Crazy Legs Conti Eats 100 Cubic Feet Of Popcorn

This Weekend’s New Movies

Headed to the movies, but can’t decide what to see?  This should help.  Here’s the info you need… #1.)  “Flight”  (R) Denzel Washington is an airline pilot whose plane starts to fall apart at 30,000 […]


Hurry up and wait!

We all get there early but it’s not all about security


Summer’s Here… Now Where Can I Go On My Budget!!??

Let’s Go! There’s A Website That Tells You Where You Can Fly Based On Your Budget!  Travelling is expensive, and unless you’re super rich, you probably set aside a specific budget for your vacations.  Which […]