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[WATCH] Flight Attendant Shocks Passengers With Midlife Crisis Speech

Oh boy, how many times have you been on a flight and sit through the explanation of safety instructions from the flight attendants? I’m not sure how many people pay any attention anymore. I mean […]


Lufthansa To Shift More Flights To Germanwings

Six Things You Do That Flight Attendants Hate

You know how you hate the way people act on planes?  Imagine how the FLIGHT ATTENDANTS feel, every time they have to deal with a new plane-load of people. A new survey asked flight attendants […]


Buckle Up…New Jobs!

If you can buckle a seatbelt – AND explain it clearly – there just may be a job for you in 2011 with US Airways!


Dress Like This Halloweenie

Forget Brett Favre.  Forget the Jersey Shore cast.  The way to go this Halloween is Steven Slater!  Remember the disgruntled JetBlue flight attendant who went berserk and shot down the escape slide?  There’s still time […]


He wants his job back!

Steven Slater is in the news again.  He’s the JetBlue flight attendant who quit his job by cursing out a passenger, grabbing a couple of beers and  using the emergency chute to exit the plane. 


Hey, the slide looked fun!

I’ve never envied flight attendants.  I can’t imagine being on a plane THAT often.  Add to it, they’re constantly dealing with people who have spent hours at the airport bar due to the 3rd flight […]