flash mob

(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Star Wars Flash Mob…Orchestra?!?

I’m not sure why flash mobs still amuse me.  I think they went out style over a year ago.  But, hey…I’m ALWAYS late to the party! This flash mob was a little different.  It wasn’t […]


(Photo by MARTIN BUREAU/AFP/Getty Images)

An Extremely “Alarming” Video

There was a time when car alarms were just that:  ALARMING!  But, as the years passed and they became more commonplace, there were a LOT more false alarms.  You know…the horn would start honking because […]


Best Flash Mob…EVER!

[sponsored] Something happened at Target last week that defies two misnomers of Flash Mobbing: It’s not just in major cities.  This one was in Lawrence, KS! There’s NO age limit.  This one involved senior citizens! It’s […]


Patriotic Flash Mob

I know that 4th of July is over…BUT…you can NEVER be too proud to be an American. I just love this!