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Feeling KOOL – Home Gym

If you can’t afford a gym membership, you have options. Building a home gym isn’t as difficult or expensive as you might think.  Fitness instructor Melissa Hendricks with the Cleveland Clinic says with a few […]

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Feeling KOOL – Copy Cat

Copy your kitty:   Learn to do stretching exercises when you wake up. It boosts circulation and digestion, and eases back pain. Yoga works great too!

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National Coffee Day Celebrates 100 Million US Coffee Drinkers

Feeling KOOL – Coffee

A person’s genes may determine how the body reacts to coffee.  Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health claim to have discovered six new genetic variants which could dictate how much coffee a person […]

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Feeling KOOL – The 30 Day Rule

Remember the 30-day rule. “‘It takes about four weeks for the body to adapt to lifestyle changes,” says Price. That’s why people who give up on their fitness programs tend to do so within the […]

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Feeling KOOL – Spice up your LOVE Life

Relationships become  stale and predictable.  It happens to the  best of us.  So it is  time to try something new! Here are some spicy suggestions that can  help you break out of a relationship rut. […]

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Smartphone Apps

Feeling KOOL – Health APPs

Most Americans can’t be bothered to track their health and fitness on a mobile app.  According to a new survey for MobiHealthNews.com from TechnologyAdvice, only a quarter of Americans say they are currently monitoring their […]

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Feeling KOOL – FALL Allergies in Arizona

Spring is not the ONLY time for allergies.  Say HELLO to your Fall allergies. What’s Blooming ? Over the next 3 months, there is a considerable increase in pollen counts, mainly from Bermuda grass and […]

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Feeling KOOL – Get YOur Flu Shots

It’s time to get your FLU shot. New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett is urging everyone to get flu shots by January, which is peak season for the flu.  It comes as an […]

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Feeling KOOL – Benefits of Caffeine

This morning we were talking about how each of us like our coffee.   Only ONE KOOL listener  called in this morning and said she liked her  coffee to be de-caff.   ?????  There are some great […]

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Feeling KOOL – Walk Your Dog

Did you know it’s National Walk Your Dog Week?  Each year it happens the first week of October.  There are so many benefits of getting some fresh air with your four-legged friend. If you walk […]

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