Elton John…Don’t Go Breaking My Chair!

Sir Elton John was hosting a tennis event at Royal Albert Hall in London on Sunday when took an awkward tumble out of his chair on the sideline. The moment was caught on camera and […]

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And Down They Go

I saw this video and laughed out loud.  Oh my, worth the price of the car!  Never brake on the carpet!

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85th Annual Academy Awards - Backstage

(Video) Jennifer Lawrence Falls On Her Way To Accept Best Actress Oscar

Jennifer Lawrence had an Oscar night full of ups and downs. She arrived to the biggest awards show of the year dressed in Dior and a front-runner for the coveted golden statue. Lawrence has been […]

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Pumpkin Beer

I love Fall for a few reasons.  First, the cooler temperatures.  Second, I get to wear sweaters and jackets.  (I chose the wrong state to live in because jackets are my favorite.  :) )  Third, […]


Hey, At Least She Didn’t Fall!

The world watched Kirstie Alley take a tumble last week on Dancing With The Stars.  Oh, there were jokes.  But, I kept my mouth shut…since I couldn’t dance any better if you paid me!  I […]


Fall Colors

Despite 90-degree weather in the valley this week, Fall has arrived in the High Country.  The Aspen leaves are changing over to brilliant hues of orange and red near the San Fransisco Peaks near Flagstaff.