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Wheel of Fortune...FAIL!Kevin only had one letter to go, but on his last guess, it was obvious he had something else on his mind. Check out the video here...
Perfect Game Denied!So close!! This bowler was so close to a perfect game. After rolling eleven strikes in a row THIS happened. Watch the video of the unlucky accident...
Corn on the Drill...Fail VersionWe already saw the successful one. There was bound to be a fail...
Botched Marriage Proposal!
[WATCH] THIS Is What Happens During A High Dive FAIL, OUCH!!
See, What I Saw was a See-Saw FAIL!
Hurricane Reporters: Ultimate Fail Video!
A History of The Rolling Stones' Tech FailsSometimes they do cool things, such as being the first band to webcast a live concert in the mid-1990s. Other times, not so much.

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