A NEW “Blue Christmas”

His name is David Thibault. Or is it? Listen to this 16 year old sing Elvis “Blue Christmas”. Maybe close your eyes and listen, then open them…WOW!

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On This Day: Elvis. Last Live Concert

On this day, June 26th, 1977, Elvis performed his last live concert at the Market Square in Indianapolis.  He would die less than 2 months later. Some of the last songs he performed were ‘Hurt’, and ‘Bridge […]

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Elvis Is A Fathead

Yeah, I said it.  And it’s true. Elvis is going to be a Fathead.  You have seen them.  They are most popular in the sporting world.  They are those huge life size wall stickers you can […]

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Sir Paul visits the KING

Last Sunday, Paul McCartney was in Memphis for a show and he stopped by Graceland to pay his respect to the KING, Elvis. He left a guitar pick on the grave of Elvis. Paul said […]

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Jukebox Jury: Should Artists’ Careers Continue After Death?

Welcome to Jukebox Jury, our new music debate show where experts face off and a jury of fans decides the winner. THE CASE: When our musical idols passed away in generations past, they left behind […]



Your Guide To The Classic Christmas Albums of 2012

Not interested in any of this year’s holiday releases? We assess some of the classics that are being re-released just in time for Christmas.


The Tupac hologram in its full glory at Coachella this past April.

Company Behind Tupac & Elvis Holograms Files For Bankruptcy

The company responsible for the groundbreaking CGI-projected image of deceased rapper Tupac Shakur, as well as the upcoming Elvis Presley hologram, has filed for bankruptcy protection.


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Elvis At Auction: Bible Goes For A Lot, Dirty Undies Do Not

With his unmatched legion of fans, Elvis has no problem attracting big spenders interested in his past belongings – except his dirty underwear.


An Inside Look At The Hulton Archive

A Magazine Asked, “Will They Survive The 70’s”

An old “Circus” magazine cover from 1970 has popped up online . . . and it asks, quote, “These People Are Approaching 30 . . . Will They Survive the ’70s?” Below the headline were […]


Tom and Maria

Elvis Died 35 Years Ago Today

I remember i was working at WKFI in Wilmington, Ohio when the news broke and I was shocked.  Which celeb’s death surprised you the most?  I would say that Elvis and John Lennon were the […]