Feeling KOOL – Foods to Avoid this Christmas

We indulge over the holidays. But what are the foods that really can cause havoc to your health this Christmas. You hear it all the time – don’t drink your calories. *  Step…away…from the eggnog. […]

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Ten Delicious Holiday Foods . . . and Why You Shouldn’t Eat Them

We’re right in the middle of the holidays, and December starts tomorrow.  So the people at decided to rain on the parade by posting a list of the top 50 holiday foods you should […]


Eggnog Soap? NO WAY!

Every year around this time, people start buying eggnog.  They rave about it!  “It’s sooooooooo good.” I’ve always wondered, if it’s THAT good, why don’t people drink it all year long?  In fact, don’t just drink […]


Ever Wonder Where Eggnog Comes From?

    Eggnog has a long history – the festive drink dates back to the 14th century in Europe – but it was the American colonists who made it really popular.