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FASTEST TEXTER: 17-Year-Old Wins Title, $50,000

  A 17-year-old boy from Wisconsin won the title of the fastest texter in America today (Wednesday) for the second time in a row. He picked up $50,000 in prize money, as he did last […]


Smartphones Keep You Healthy

The concensus is that technology makes us lazy.  I’m here to prove the opposite.  Your smartphone wants to keep you HEALTHY!  And, no, it’s not all that finger exercising you do when dialing…


Check Them At The Door

Just like “The Old West” when rowdy cowboys were required to “Check their guns at the door,” today’s new communications technology (Cell Phones, I-Phones, Blackberries, Blueberries & Droids) requires action at home!


New iPhone. Do you care?

Technology sure is amazing, isn’t it?  Unlike today’s kids, I remember a time BEFORE the internet and cell phones.  If you wanted information, you went to the library.  Or, if you had some dough, you bought […]


Do YOU Droid?

Yes, the guy who once said, “Keep the e-mail on my computer…my phone is for calls!” just bought a Droid.  That guy would be me.  And, you know what?  I am not ashamed to admit […]