One in Five People Would Quit If They Did Something Embarrassing Enough at the Company Christmas Party

[sponsored] In this economy, it’s not worth messing up your entire professional career over one bad decision at the company Christmas party. In a new survey by the social dating site Zoosk.com, at least one […]


Five Tips to Help Survive Your Office Holiday Party

[sponsored] If you’ve got an office Christmas party coming up, Gawker.com has a list of tips to help make sure you don’t do something stupid. Obviously, the first rule is DON’T GET DRUNK.  Eat as […]


Beer For The Ladies…

There’s a new beer brand called CHICK BEER which calls itself the, quote, “only beer brand designed for women.”  (–Apparently it’s never heard of Michelob Ultra, but whatever.) Women drink about 25% of all the […]


Kiss Me, I’m (Not) Irish!

It doesn’t matter if you’re Irish.  Everyone wants to participate in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities!  Some make certain they’re wearing at least one green piece of clothing.  Others head out for a liquid lunch […]


“Glee” Cast Gets Drunk

The [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Glee[/lastfm] club learns all about the dangers of wine coolers (and all things liquor) in this week’s episode.  Tonight’s program entitled “Blame It On The Alcohol” finds Mr. Schuester and the crew knocking […]


Seven Ways to Avoid a Hangover Before, During, and After You Drink

We don’t advocate over-indulgence, but if you do, “Real Simple” magazine made a list of ways to avoid a hangover before, during, and after you drink.


Drinking PROS?

NO, this blog is not about professional drinkers.  I meant “pros” as in positives.  As a man who enjoys a tasty beverage every now and again…and again, articles that point out good things about drinking really jump […]