DOuble Down

Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty Images

The KFC Double Down is Back with a ZINGER!

Okay not sure why we aren’t getting these KOOL foods here, but over at KFC Korea they have released the “Zinger Double Down King”. This bad boy is two pieces of fried chicken with a bacon […]


Double Down Fans…Rejoice

The Arizona State Fair wraps up this weekend, and it has me thinking about unhealthy food.  Imagine that!  Everyone disses KFC’s Double Down.  But, did you know just ONE egg yolk has more cholesterol?


KFC, eat your chicken out!

Have you tried the Double Down “sandwich” at KFC?  I use quotes for sandwich since there’s no bread involved.  It’s just 2 pieces of chicken with cheese and bacon in-between.  That’s a 540 calorie heart attack […]