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And Now, Puppies Running For Dinner… In Slow Motion!!!

You know that you want to see this!!!! Here’s you’re moment of awwwww!

94.5 KOOL FM–06/23/2015

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Two Dogs, One Ball. It’s A Tug Of War!!

94.5 KOOL FM–06/10/2015

Puppy Bowl XI-312

Puppy Bowl XI

CityScape is all a buzz with barks!  The Puppy Bowl Cafe runs each day this weekend until 3pm where you can check out the puppies playing on the field.  Best of all comes Sunday at […]


Dogs & Cats

Dogs Annoying Cats with Friendship

They say cats and dogs don’t get a long but under the right situations it can be absolutely adorable. Check out these pups that refuse to give up until their furry feline companion gives in […]


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Dog Shows Baby the Ropes

This adorable video looks like the dog is trying to teach the baby how to jump.  If you watch closely Dakota (the dog) is actually playing with Ally’s (the baby) shadow.  


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WoofTrax Donate For Walking Your Dog

There is a new way to donate to charity without actually spending any money!   All you need to do, is what you probably are already doing, walking your dog! The app is called “Walk […]


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Sweets Waves to Fellow Biker

Sweets the English Bulldog is so adorable with her googles on while riding with her owner Christine. See Sweets wave back as other riders go by and wave to her.


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It’s Puppy Time

Sam Nevens stood by silently as cat videos took over the internet, well now it’s Puppy Time! Check out these adorable little pups romping through the bright green grassy fields of a farm.


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Dinky the Great Dane

Meet Dinky the Great Dane that argues and throws a tantrum when he’s got to share the lovin’!


Carnival Celebrated In Venezuelan As Tensions Over Government Loom

This Dog REALLY Loves The Water

What happens when you strap a GoPro on the back of a dog who love to race to the water?  Total AWESOMENESS.  Check out the video above and enjoy!