Siberian Husky Throws Temper TantrumThis is why they say huskies are stubborn....
The Most Patient Dog EVER!!!
Laughing Babies. Funny Dogs. Let's Put 'Em Together!
A Little Girl Offers a Pooping Dog a Little Encouragement
Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Compilation
Dog Catches Wedding Proposal with Go-Pro Camera
Barry the Pug LOVES His Bath
An Abandoned Dog Survived Being Put Down, and Got AdoptedLast month, an animal shelter in Alabama had to euthanize a dog no one wanted to adopt it . . . but somehow it SURVIVED. So they sent it to a no-kill shelter instead, and someone who heard the story adopted it.
Marnie the Dog with the Derp Face
Mutant Giant Spider Dog
99 Problems and 44 of Them are Socks
I Miss My Dog

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