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Dog With a Camera Catches a Proposal!

A dog running around on the beach is cute enough but witnessing a proposal is even more touching. What happens when you combine them both? This dog was strapped with a camera and as she was […]


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Barry the Pug LOVES His Bath

Barry is a Pug in Australia that just LOVE to take a bath, watch him beaming with joy as his keeper David Stanton rubs that dirty right out of Barry’s hair.


Photo by: Maria Knight / CBS Radio

An Abandoned Dog Survived Being Put Down, and Got Adopted

Last month, an animal shelter in Alabama had to euthanize a dog no one wanted to adopt it . . . but somehow it SURVIVED. So they sent it to a no-kill shelter instead, and someone who heard the story adopted it.


Photo by and with permission of: Shirley Baraha

Marnie the Dog with the Derp Face

There’s little that can be shared about the first 10 or so years of Marnie’s life. Nobody really knows. She was found by Animal Control, smelly and matted on the streets of Connecticut in August […]


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Mutant Giant Spider Dog

Actor/Director SA Wardega has posted this video of a Mutant Giant Spider Dog that has already gained 4.7 Million views on YouTube since it was posted on Sept 4, 2014. It’s simply adorable and horror […]


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99 Problems and 44 of Them are Socks

A Great Dane in Oregon is feeling much better after surgeons removed nearly 44 socks from his stomach. A spokeswoman for the emergency animal hospital in Portland tells “The Oregonian” the owners brought the ailing […]



I Miss My Dog

Being a pet owner is great. The rewards of having a pet are amazing. By now, you may know that my family has a English Bulldog named Chunk. She is not the most “energetic” dog […]

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[WATCH] “I’m Full Of Bull *%@!” (dog)

Happy Friday, we all made it! It is time for another great weekend-so let’s get it started with a great big smile and some laughs. I own an English Bulldog. YES, her name is CHUNK. She […]

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[WATCH] This DOG’S Hidden Talent Will Leave You Amazed

This dog knows how to get busy on the dance floor!! We aren’t sure if the dog was taught this or if it’s a natural talent. You have to WATCH this video it’s sure to […]

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[WATCH] Adorable Dog Only Responds When Owner Talks Like “The Beatles” Members

We all love our pets and the hilarious things that they do. We have seen the dog riding a skateboard, cats and dogs cuddling, and hundreds more… but have you ever seen a dog only […]