KOOL Dog of the Week - LUPINE (AAWL)Come down to AAWL to meet her and take her to her new home.
Amazing Flood Rescue in Baton RougeMoments like these restore our faith in humanity...
Siberian Husky Throws Temper TantrumThis is why they say huskies are stubborn....
The Most Patient Dog EVER!!!
Laughing Babies. Funny Dogs. Let's Put 'Em Together!
A Little Girl Offers a Pooping Dog a Little Encouragement
Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Compilation
Dog Catches Wedding Proposal with Go-Pro Camera
Barry the Pug LOVES His Bath
An Abandoned Dog Survived Being Put Down, and Got AdoptedLast month, an animal shelter in Alabama had to euthanize a dog no one wanted to adopt it . . . but somehow it SURVIVED. So they sent it to a no-kill shelter instead, and someone who heard the story adopted it.
Marnie the Dog with the Derp Face
Mutant Giant Spider Dog

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