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dog tricks


Have You Ever Seen Two Dogs Skype?

You may be impressed with your dog if he sits or stays before he gets a treat, but what about dogs who can actually keep up with today’s technology and Skype with one another?  Check […]

94.5 KOOL FM–01/17/2013

Now This Is One Smart Dog!

This dog has found a way to never feel bored. He can play fetch with himself! He pushes a ball down a series of stairs and then runs down to fetch it. We imagine dogs […]


And Now . . . A Dog Playing Piano and Howling Along to the Music

There’s a YouTube video of a dog named Tucker playing the piano and howling along.  According to the description, he does it three or four times a day, which would get annoying REALLY fast, since […]


Your Entertaining Dog Video Of The Day!

OK Go Released An Elaborate New Video Featuring Dog Tricks  The band OK GO has an elaborate new music video . . . and this one incorporates well-trained dogs doing awesome choreographed tricks.  And once […]