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This Steve Nash Story Is Sadly TRUE

  Ever since that fictitious Steve Nash retirement piece in the Phoenix New Times, I’m hesitant to believe ANY story I hear about the Suns hero!  Sadly, this one appears to be true.  After giving […]


Curb Your Adultery

I don’t know if this is true. HOW WOULD I??? But, Star Magazine is reporting that former Vice President Al Gore was having an affair. When news broke of Al & Tipper Gore’s divorce, it […]


Global warming / marital cooling

While I’m not Al Gore‘s biggest supporter, I am truly sorry to see his marriage to Tipper ending.  That seems to be the biggest headline this morning.  As the story goes, there was no affair.  […]


Ladies, your dream guy is single!

I’m sure SOMEONE considers Larry King their “dream guy.”  Though, I have to believe it would be more of a nightmare.  Hey, I watch his show!  I am amused by the guy.  But, I don’t […]