derek anderson

At Least We Haven’t Lost 45-3

Say what you will about our Arizona Cardinals.  Sure, we’ve lost 7 games in-a-row.  Can you say “rebuilding season?”  But, we haven’t been beaten 45-3 this year!  Did you see the Patriots/Jets game last night?  […]


Derek Anderson “Takes This S*** Seriously!”

It was a painful 6th loss in-a-row for the Cardinals last night.  Believe it or not, the post-game interview with Derek Anderson was even MORE painful!  Did you stick around long enough to see him […]


Cardinals Starting QB Election?

Two of the big stories today: 1) Election Day 2) Coach Whisenhunt not naming a starting QB I say we combine the two and create a “Starting QB Election Day!”  If we have the power […]


Eenie Meenie Miney Moe; Pick A Quarterback By The Toe

The Cardinals have some decisions to make.


Tom and Maria 8.30.10

Tom and Maria in 60 seconds, Arizona Cardinals edition. Don’t blink!…..


Who’s Going To Start For The Cardinals?

What a football game Saturday!   Derek Anderson and Matt Leinart each tossed a touchdown and the Arizona Cardinals beat the Chicago Bears, 14-9. Anderson went 7-for-12  for 94 yards. Leinart finished the game 9-for-10 with 84 yards. The […]