daylight savings time

Daylight Savings Time Is Unhealthy?

Does Daylight Savings Time put you at risk for a heart attack or suicide?


Indiana Farmers Fought Daylight Savings Time…WHY?

Daylight savings time is here and we in Arizona have chosen not to play, along with Hawaii and northern Indiana.  The idea was first suggested by Ben Franklin in the late 1700’s, but when it […]


Don’t Touch Your Clocks!!!

At two-am on Sunday, Daylight Savings Time goes into effect.  MOST of the country, except Arizona and the Eastern most part of Indiana, will set their clocks back one hour and get to enjoy an extra […]


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10 Classic Timely Tunes

This weekend it’s once again time to turn back Father Time an hour.  In honor of Daylight Savings Time, we’re turning back the time to 10 classic tunes that all have to do with…time!