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david geffen

Carly’s Clues?

I recently blogged about [lastfm]Carly Simon[/lastfm]’s “You’re So Vain.”  The age old mystery is the identity of Mr. Vain.  Now, we may have some new clues…or, we may be more confused than ever!


Birthday and Departures – Sunday

BIRTHDAYS AND DEPARTURES -2/21 1943 – [lastfm]DAVID GEFFEN[/lastfm] (RECORD PRODUCER) 1945 – PAUL NEWTON ([lastfm]URIAH HEAP[/lastfm]) 1949 – JERRY HARRISON ([lastfm]TALKING HEADS[/lastfm]) 1951 – VINCE WELNICK ([lastfm]TUBES[/lastfm]) 1951 – MICHAEL COTTON ([lastfm]TUBES[/lastfm]) 1980 – JANET […]