Dancing With The Stars

Chaz Doing The Cha Cha!

Chaz Bono is reportedly on the list of celebrities who will be taking to the ballroom dance floor on the next season of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.” The official list of star dancers will […]


Hey, At Least She Didn’t Fall!

The world watched Kirstie Alley take a tumble last week on Dancing With The Stars.  Oh, there were jokes.  But, I kept my mouth shut…since I couldn’t dance any better if you paid me!  I […]


A Yankees Fan Fell Asleep at a Game . . .

So the Guy Sitting Behind Him Started Stacking Plastic Cups on His Head!   When he got three stacked up, the people around him started cheering.  Then he tried for four but couldn’t do it.


Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the stars last night! HInes Ward and Petra Nemcova tied for the highest score of the night with 25 points. Wendy Williams has the low sccore of the night with a 15-point foxtrot. […]


TV’s Biggest Moneymakers

Do you watch the most lucrative shows on television?  Judging by Forbes’ list of the TV’s Biggest Moneymakers, I watch only 2 of the top 10.  Makes sense.  I’ve never been part of the mainstream!  Suprised?  […]


Sugar Ray vs. Karate Kid: Who Wins In A Fight?

The new cast of Dancing With The Stars has been announced, including Ralph Macchio and Sugar Ray Leonard.  I was kidding yesterday when I asked on-air which of the two would win in a fight.  But, […]


Video: Margaret Cho On Who Pressured Bristol Palin To Do “Dancing With The Stars,” Plus The Situation And The Grammys

Margaret Cho may have lost Dancing With The Stars to her fellow castmate Bristol Palin, but life is actually looking very bright for the fierce and funny comedienne, as this week, her new musical comedy […]


Who Will Win DWTS?

Frankly, I stopped watching Dancing With The Stars once Kurt Warner was booted.  Although, I DID pop on Skating With The Stars for a few minutes last night.   Tonight is the DWTS finale.  Who do YOU think […]


We Lost Kurt…AGAIN!

It was tough enough when he retired from the Cardinals.  Now, we’ve lost Kurt Warner twice!  He was booted off Dancing With The Stars last night :-(  Though, I gotta say…he lasted longer than I […]


Dancing With Rod Stewart

Tomorrow is Election Day.  The producers of Dancing With The Stars are no dummies!  They’re competing with election coverage by starting at 7pm and expanding the show to 90 minutes.  They’re also adding MORE stars!  […]