cyber monday

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Experts Estimate $1.5 Billion In Sales On Cyber Monday

Shop away! It’s Cyber Monday.



Is This One Of The Bee Gee’s? Or, Is It Tom Peake

I came across a picture  of me getting ready to be in a friend’s wedding around Christmas time 1977.  What should the caption read?


Is It Too early To Start Thinking About Black Friday?

Halloween is OVER. We are now focused on Thanksgiving. And we are only about three weeks away from the day after Thanksgiving…better known as BLACK FRIDAY. The website posted a list debunking some of […]


Five Shopping Tips for Cyber Monday

In case you haven’t heard, today is Cyber Monday.  It’s like Black Friday, but on the Internet. 


What To Expect On Cyber Monday

Right now it seems as if all of the headlines were about how to find Black Friday deals,please don’t forget about Cyber Monday!, a r great resource for deals, expects that we will see […]