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This Boxer Will Be A Champ!

My wife is on a kick to get a new puppy. In fact, she has said she wants TWO shih-tzu puppies and wants to name them “Cheech & Chong”! I have always wanted a boxer. […]

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Cutest Dogs of 2014!

The month of December brings many “best of” categories. Best songs of 2014, best news story of 2014, you name it, they have a list. So with that in mind, here are the cutest dogs […]

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How Do You Top Cute? With ADORABLE!

OK, so yesterday I put up the video of the baby sea otter that was rescued. Then I find this adorable little fella called a “Slow Loris“. A small, nocturnal animal. But beware! It has […]

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Orphaned Baby Otter Will Make Your Heart MELT!

I admit, I’m a sucker for “cute” and this one takes the cake! What a great way to start a Thursday! This is a video of a baby sea otter that was rescued in California. […]

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[WATCH] “I’m Full Of Bull *%@!” (dog)

Happy Friday, we all made it! It is time for another great weekend-so let’s get it started with a great big smile and some laughs. I own an English Bulldog. YES, her name is CHUNK. She […]

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[WATCH] Twinkle Twinkle Little Dog!

You cannot deny the cuteness of a little girl singing her nursery rhymes.   … and you REALLY can’t help but singing WITH the family Rottweiler!   Truly an amazing duet! Check out the video!

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[WATCH] Laughing Parrots With Bring A Smile To Your Face

Need something to brighten your day? Check out these laughing parrots that sound like little kids laughing!


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[WATCH] 3-year-old Steals Our Hearts With His “Linda, Honey” Speech

Well this is just the most adorable thing we have ever seen… A video was released of  a 3-year-old is having a debate with his mother over cupcakes. About 1:42 into this, he says “but […]


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[WATCH] 20 Strangers Filmed While Having Their First Kiss

Do you remember your first kiss? The feeling? Scared or embarrassed? This video has been getting some HUGE attention lately. It’s a video of 20 couples kissing for the first time. It’s their first kiss […]



Hearing For The First Time

How about putting a smile on your face this morning? Here is a video of a little boy who is hearing for the FIRST time and his reaction is sure to make you smile, laugh, […]

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