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Kid And Canine Engage In Jedi Battle

As the video post states:  “It is a dark time for the rebellion. Although the Dog Star has been destroyed, Imperial pooches have driven the Rebel forces from their hidden base and pursued them across […]


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This Video Is Driving Me Crazy – And You’re Next

Max is a young boy who has been captured on video a lot by his parents, but when they shot this a few weeks ago there was no way of knowing it would go viral […]


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Watch As Kid Fights Sleep While Eating Ice Cream

Having grand kids has been one of the most eye opening experiences of my life.  I always need to have a camera or video handy because I never know what they’re going to do.  Obviously […]


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2 Year Old Kid – Dances Like Elvis

Getty images His name is William Stokkebroe and his Danish parents are former world champions in show dance (2010) Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe. Maybe it’s no wonder that young  William tears it up on the […]


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Little Boy Falls Asleep Standing Up While Skiing

You can’t make this stuff up.  Some videos can be faked, but not this one.  After some hard skiing (for a little kid) this young boy just pooped out – literally. 


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Is This Dancing Kid The Canuck’s Biggest Fan?

If he’s not their biggest fan, he’s sure their most enthusiastic…and he got the crowd wound up at a game last week when his dance was put up on the big screen at a home […]


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Cutest Video Of The Month – Lilttle Girl Fights To Blow Out Candle

I’ve seen this with out niece and nephew and grandkids.  Apparently it’s a universal problem as this little girl has a hard time getting this candle to go out – and it’s not one of […]


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Youngest Lion Tamer In the World?

Her name is Sofia.  She is 3 years old.  And as you’ll see by the video, she has no fear as she stares down a huge lion in the face.  I have a granddaughter like […]