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Dogs At The Dinner Table With Human Hands

In less than 72 hours, this video has around 3,000,000 views, proving we not only love our own pets, but others as well. Produced in cooperation with the Humane Society of Utah, most of the […]

94.5 KOOL FM–12/19/2014

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The Cutest Video Of The Month – And It’s Only December 2nd

I’m a dog lover. That’s Bella Kristine Goddard – our 7 year old Cairn Terrier.  She’s not in the video, but I think she’s a cutie and will post her picture whenever I have an […]

94.5 KOOL FM–12/02/2014


Hilarious Dog Named Charlie Showers Baby With Toys To Stop It Crying

Charlie the dog makes a great baby sitter. In the video you’ll see Charlie make the baby cry by taking her toy, and then for whatever reason (can a dog feel guilty?), he triess to […]

94.5 KOOL FM–07/21/2014

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Not The Dog Of The Week – But One You Need To See

This obviously isn’t my puppy.  We have a Carin Terrier named Bella, and she’s smart as she can be and we love her a lot.  But she’s not as patient and understanding as the dog […]


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Not The Smartest Dog In The World

Tom and Maria’s dogs of the week are always cute, and according to his owner, staffy dog Max is the most lovable animal  in the world – but he lacks some basic intelligence.  If he […]


13 Rope Skipping Dogs Break World’s Record

Here’s the best animal video of the week and it’s only Monday!  Thirteen dogs of various breeds and sizes attempting to break the world’s record for jumping rope is quite a visual.