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Cat Loves To Have It’s Tummy Vacuumed

That’s a headline I never thought I’d write. I haven’t had a pet cat for a long time, (love my terriers now) but I do know all of the cats I had RAN from the […]

94.5 KOOL FM–10/06/2014


Cat In A Shark Suit Riding On A Roomba Cleaning The Kitchen

You read the headline correctly. This is a video of a cat wearing a shark suit riding on a roomba around a kitchen floor. Everything else in the video is perfectly normal, which makes it […]

94.5 KOOL FM–08/01/2014

12  10-29  cat lets dogs in

Who Let The Dogs Out – Feline Foils Their Frustration

I never have a video camera handy when our dog Bella does anything funny – and she does on almost a daily basis. Luckily a camera was rolling to capture this event as a group […]