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Raccoon Assists Mechanic With Car Repair

That may not be exactly what’s happening in today’s video of the day, but  it sure looks like it.  Does the repair shop charge more or less to have a raccoon on one of the […]


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Baby Bear Surprises Homeowner In Garage

You may think we have a lot of critters that get into yards and garages here in the desert, but last Wednesday a lady in south Lake Tahoe, California got the surprise of her life.  […]


(Photo by HOLGER HOLLEMANN/AFP/Getty Images)

Kitten Vs. Bunny: Who Wins?

“Kitten Vs. Bunny” sounds like a Playboy Playmate Jello wrestling match.  But, this is actually another in a long line of hysterical animal videos.  Why do we keep posting them?  Because YOU keep watching!!! This […]


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An 8 Month Old Boy And A Young Chimp Face Off

I don’t know what the young chimp’s name is, but the boy is a 6 month old boy named Preston.  The video was shot a few days ago at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita.  […]


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Puppies Pushing Each Other On A Skateboard

Videos of pet puppies playing are always popular – that’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.  All the puppies in this video have quite a skill being able to push each other around on […]


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What Happens When The Box Is Too Small And The Bulldog Is Too Big

This is Bo.  Bo is a bulldog that may look mean, but he’s a real gentle pet.  But Bo is also very focused on trying to make an office chair out of a  cardboard box.  […]


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A Bunny That Thinks It’s A Sheepdog

With no trick photography, six sheep, a border collie, and a bunny that thinks it’s a sheep dog will hold your attention throughout this video.   Cute, amazing, and intriguing at the same time.  see […]


12  01-18   nephew and baby gorilla

The Nephew And The Baby Gorilla

The protective nature of moms isn’t confined to humans.  A few months ago a family’s nephew became fascinated with a baby gorilla, who in turn became fascinated with the nephew, so they started to play […]


How To Stop A Toddler From Crying

If you’ve ever had or been around a crying toddler, your first thought is probably what’s wrong followed by how can I make the crying stop?  This is an immediate solution, but it’s not for […]


13 Rope Skipping Dogs Break World’s Record

Here’s the best animal video of the week and it’s only Monday!  Thirteen dogs of various breeds and sizes attempting to break the world’s record for jumping rope is quite a visual.