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The Last Thing You Would Expect To See In A Cornfield

It happened earlier this summer on a cornfield in Wisconsin. The accent of the two men in the video are a dead giveaway as to the locale where it was shot. One question you will […]

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Mother Bear Rescues Cub – The Coolest Thing You’ll See This Week

This past weekend, a tornado hunter named Rick Forbes was driving through a national park in British Columbia, Canada, when he spotted  black bear cub sitting dangerously close to the highway Pulling out his video […]

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13 Ducks Think A Man Is Their Mother

Recently Rick (last name unknown) rescued 13 duck eggs he found after the mama duck was killed.  But the story has a happy ending. He took care of the eggs and after all the ducks […]


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Cute Puppy Refuses To Take A Bath

We have a five year old Cairn Terrier named Bella who loves to go to the groomer once a month.  To her he’s spa day and she not only goes willingly, she’s excited to run […]

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Who Let The Dogs Out – Feline Foils Their Frustration

I never have a video camera handy when our dog Bella does anything funny – and she does on almost a daily basis. Luckily a camera was rolling to capture this event as a group […]


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Kid And Canine Engage In Jedi Battle

As the video post states:  “It is a dark time for the rebellion. Although the Dog Star has been destroyed, Imperial pooches have driven the Rebel forces from their hidden base and pursued them across […]


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Cutest Crizzly Bear Attack Of All Time

Wait a minute, when is a grizzly bear attack cute?  Answer: when mama grizzly ‘s not around.  If she were, the guy in this video would be toast, but since she’s not, you know he’s […]


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Why Your Mail Is Trashed By The Time You Get Home

I almost feel sorry for this shih tzu named Bubbles.   Apparently she spends the day in front of the entry door waiting for the mail man (or woman) to make their daily stop, then spends […]


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Cutest Video You’ll See This Week – And It’s Only Tuesday

I’ve seen enough plastic pink flamingos to last a lifetime, but I can’t get enough of the real thing.  Here a video of a baby flamingo at the Bronx zoo trying to take its first […]


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Boy And His Dog Scratch Each Other’s Back

A dog is not just man’s best friend, in this case he’s a young boy’s best friend.  This isn’t a trick video, they’re both scratching each other’s back at the same time, and the kid’s […]