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Get A Job!

There’s a JOB fair in Mesa today.  Go Daddy. com is hiring 150 workers. The new positions are in sales, customer service, network engineering, graphic design and software development. The Fair is from 3 – […]

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Last night, I stopped by the Apple Store to pick up a new computer. My kids are always using my laptop, so it was time to cave in and get one for the kids. I […]


Here are Ten Companies That Actually Use Real People to Handle Customer Service Calls

Everyone hates calling customer service and getting that automated switchboard that goes nowhere . . . while they tell you how important your call is. 71% of Americans say they become “extremely irritated” when they […]


Four Jobs Everyone Should Have

Before most of us started working in “the real world,” we had several part-time jobs. We babysat. We worked in fast-food restaurants. We worked in retail. We worked as a waitress or waiter at a bar.  If we came […]


If You’re Sick Of Being Put On Hold By Customer Service, There’s A Service That’ll Wait For You

Customer Service Customer service is one of those things like air travel:  It’s actually getting WORSE as time goes one.  It’s 2010, and it still takes FOREVER to get a real human being on the […]


Please hold for the next available blog.

Think about how many times you’ve called customer service or tech support.  I am willing to bet you’ve been put on hold EVERY time!  If your experience is anything like mine, that’s not a quick […]