Bar + Curling = ???

The Olympic sport of curling is a big hit for a bar in western Nebraska.


When You Think “Coyotes,” Do You Think Hockey? Hold On BaBa Louie! How About Curling!!

When you hear the name Coyotes, do you think hockey?  Well, Maria Knight discovered that we have our own Curling team here in the Valley of the sun who also share the name!  That’s right!  […]


I’m a Curling convert

Tom and Maria can make fun of me all they want.  It all started in Flagstaff last Saturday night. I don’t know why, but I had a heck of a time trying to sleep.  So […]


Curling…The New Favorite Olympic Sport!

Ok “in-office-time-wasters”… Here ya go!  A fun online curling game!  CLICK HERE to play Brown Cow Curling.


Speed Skating….For Wimps. Ski Jumping…For Sissies. Curling…Now You’re Talkin’!!!!

Who’s with me!!??  I’ve grown to love the sport of Curling, and we’ve got a great team!!  By the way, I call dibbs on the blonde in the back!  I’m Facebooking her as you read […]