Her Parents Wouldn’t Buy Her A Horse. . . So She Trained A Cow To Do Equestrian Tricks!

When Regina Mayer’s parents dashed her hopes of getting a horse, the resourceful 15-year-old didn’t sit in her room and sulk. Instead, she turned to a cow called Luna to make her riding dreams come […]


How now, black cow?

Residents of Ahwatukee have been up in arms the last couple months over their new neighbor.  This heifer has been hanging in people’s yards and drinking from their fountains!  Hey hey, I don’t use “heifer” as […]


Yak and Cow humor…

Maria and Tom found a goofy (yet true) story about a Yak farm in Wyoming…the Yak Daddy Ranch.  The yaks kept  wandering onto the nearby cattle farm.  The cattle rancher says the yaks were eating his […]


Udder insanity!

Everyone’s going batty (er, uh…”cowy”) over our Quarter Million Moola Giveaway! Large Marge is starting to come out of her Monday funk.  But, she needs just a little more help.  Could YOU use some help – in […]