When They’re Trick-Or-Treating, Kids Prefer Miniature Candy Bars to Full-Size Ones?

Good news:  There’s no need to be TOO generous when you’re shopping for Halloween candy this year.  Kids actually don’t WANT you to give them the biggest possible candy. A survey of kids by a […]


What Should Tom & Maria Be For Halloween?

KOOL-FM is having a office costume contest and there will be a prize for the “Best Duo.”  We had a few ideas, but we thought the listeners would come up with some better ones…and they […]


Dress Like This Halloweenie

Forget Brett Favre.  Forget the Jersey Shore cast.  The way to go this Halloween is Steven Slater!  Remember the disgruntled JetBlue flight attendant who went berserk and shot down the escape slide?  There’s still time […]