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Ellen DeGeneres As Sofia Vergara

You don’t have to watch “Modern Family” to know Sofia Vergara.  She’s the gorgeous Colombian model-turned-actress who stars on the show.  She’s also the spokeswoman for Cover Girl.  She’s ALSO the object of just about […]


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How To Dress Like Freddie Mercury For Halloween

The Queen frontman always makes a great Halloween costume, and it can be put together with just a few key pieces.


The Hat and Hair

How To Dress Like Slash For Halloween

Here’s everything you’ll need to take everyone down to Paradise City as Slash this Halloween.



The Five Most Popular Pet Halloween Costumes For 2012

Your dog hates when you put him in a costume.  That’s why his tail goes between his legs and he looks so defeated.  But you’re going to do it anyway, so might as well have […]



What Age Should Kids Start Trick-Or-Treating . . . and What Age Should They Stop?

Everyone who’s given out candy on Halloween HATES the high school kids who slap together mediocre costumes, and run around demanding your best candy.  So what age should you MAKE your kid stop? In a […]


Jeffrey T’s Halloween Costume

I am wearing something orange and black today for Halloween.  But, I’m NOT dressed as any of the following: Jack O’Lantern Candy corn Road construction sign Any guesses?  Think about it.  Then click on “BOO” […]


More Americans Believe in Ghosts Than Ever Before

You’d think in this day and age we’d be MORE skeptical than ever.  But this is a direct contradiction to that.  According to a new nationwide survey by Rasmussen Reports, more Americans than EVER believe […]


Best Costume Ever? Use Two iPads to Make It Look Like There’s a Hole in Your Body

Here’s an awesome last-minute Halloween costume . . . if you happen to have two iPad 2’s lying around, or $1,000 to burn: A guy figured out that if you duct tape one to your […]


Should We Move Halloween From October 31st to the Last Saturday of the Month?

Tim Larson is a Democrat in Connecticut’s House of Representatives.  And he wants his state . . . and hopefully the whole country . . . to change the date of Halloween. Instead of October […]


Here’s a Great Halloween Costume!

I’m not sure how long anyone could spend in it, but check this out…