Chocolate Cake – The Breakfast Of Champions

A new study suggests that eating a full breakfast that INCLUDES dessert not only HELPS people lose weight, but keep it off longer. Over the course of 32 weeks, researchers found that participants who added […]


Girl Scout Cookie-Flavored Lip Balm is Now For Sale

We’re currently in that horrible period of the year when we’re still months away from getting our Girl Scout Cookie fix.  So now those adorable little cookie pushers have something to tide you over.


They’re Here . . . Triple-Double Oreos are Now In Stores!

Back in May, we heard these were coming.  And now . . . they’re here:  For everyone who’s ever stared down a package of Double Stuf Oreos and thought, “Those are KINDA good, but I want […]


A Girl Scout Cookie Recall!!??

Automakers aren’t the only ones with a recall in place. 



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