And Now, a Totally Random Comparison Between Apple the Company and Apples the Fruit

Well, just when we thought we’d seen every possible kind of media coverage about Apple, there’s this:  We’ve got an article here that compares Apple, the company, to apples, the fruit.  No, seriously.  And it’s […]


Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis Can Give You A Virus

The anti-virus experts at McAfee have released their annual list of the most dangerous celebrities to search for online. These are the celebs whose names are being used most often by scumbag hackers and pirates […]


Elderly Couple Trying To Use A Webcam.

This is pretty darn funny!  It also shows just how much in love they still are.  Then there’s the part where he talkes about her boobies!


Dogs are No Longer Man’s Best Friend . . . They’ve Been Replaced by Computers

What!!??!!  I don’t know about this one, man.  My computer is great, but it’s never licked my face. According to a new survey, people roundly believe that COMPUTERS have replaced DOGS as man’s best friend.  […]


Only 14% of People Actually Watch TV Without Multitasking

Remember, like, 20 years ago, when you’d sit down to watch a TV show and be glued to the television the entire time?  Some combination of laptops, texting, iPads, and Angry Birds has killed that […]


13% of Office Workers Think the Fastest Way To Get Their Computer Replaced Is . . . To Smash It

Good to see that even in today’s awful work climate, there are plenty of office workers who are still firmly devoted to beating the system.  Literally. According to a new survey, 13% of office workers […]


Tom and Maria in 60 seconds

Check out Tom and Maira in 60 seconds for this Monday morning!


What would a computer be like if were modeled after the brain of your cat?

Researchers at the University of Michigan are trying to develop a computer that can learn, recognize, and make more complex decisions and perform more tasks at once than conventional computers can.