christmas shopping

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So this is the last weekend to shop for Christmas. The malls will be packed, the parking lots will be full. Traffic to get anywhere will be a challenge. Know this before you head out. […]

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Christmas Madness

I was out with my wife Sandra doing some Christmas shopping on Sunday. Just the two of us sans the kids. It was nice. We had some food, watched some football while eating, then we […]


POLL: Are You Done Shopping?

[sponsored] Here we are…Christmas Eve Eve.  I would assume MOST of you have completed your holiday shopping.  But, if you’re anything like me (read: typical male), you haven’t even started!  I;m seeing a TON of […]


Out of 500 Couples, the Number That Say Men Take the Lead on Holiday Shopping is . . . Zero!

[sponsored] This sounds about right. Do you know any families where the husband takes control of the Christmas shopping and the wife isn’t involved?  No?  Don’t worry.  It’s because they probably don’t EXIST. A website […]


Black Friday Specials

The day after Thanksgiving is the day millions of Americans, enjoying a rare Friday off, head to the malls to kick off the holiday shopping season! It’s known as “Black Friday” in the retail industry, […]


Gift Card Warning

A lot of people give gift cards at Christmas and if you’re planning on buying any, there are things you need to check with the card for BEFORE you buy it.