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Christmas Light Display On Steroids

So we have all seen the videos on-line of these houses that have the light displays rigged up to the Trans Siberian Orchestra soundtrack and look like they took month or years to prepare for. […]

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Photo by JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images

Have You Seen the Christmas Car?

Have you spotted this car around the valley?  It was recently caught on camera and we want to find the owner!  Chime in the comments below if you know who owns it.



Christmas Lights – Maria’s house

I have this THING.  I learned it from my dad.  I like using c6 or c9 Christmas lights, in color.  I like my Christmas lights straight.  And  I don’t like the decorating overdone.  I like […]

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Is It Time?

Christmas and New Year’s is now just a memory, but not for everybody. Some of us still have our Christmas lights on. Maybe you haven’t had an opportunity to take them down yet, or perhaps […]

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Clark Griswold Jr.

This weekend, I braved the task of decorating our tree in the front yard. It’s an olive tree with 10 “poofs”. There are 10 branches that expand out of this tree and at the end […]


You ‘Lights’ Up My Life

[sponsored] The holidays aren’t complete without viewing some of the valley’s holiday lights celebrations.


Check Out The Christmas Lights!!!

  [sponsored] It’s a holiday tradition! We load up the car with blankets and hot chocolate, roll down the windows (has to be a little chilly) and drive around the valley checking out the Christmas […]


Zooooooooooooooooo Lights!

Zoo Lights is back starting tomorrow.  But, you have to say it like it’s written in my blog headline.  “Zooooooooooooooooooooo Lights!”  I’ve lived in the Valley for two years now, and I’m ashamed to say […]


Glendale’s Glittering Once Again!

Hey Kool Fans! We’re going to be giving away lots of neat prizes today in Downtown Glendale. Have you gotten a good book to read lately?  We might just have one for you.


You Thought You Had A Lot Of Lights On Your House

A family in Delaware has a massive Christmas display:  It uses a million bulbs, and would cost $82,000 to light every night in the month leading up to Christmas, or $686 an hour.