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A New Survey Claims That Men Really Like Doing Housework

What!!!!! Yep.  A new survey by Cambridge University found that men really DO like doing housework.  Researchers found that husbands and boyfriends have feelings of guilt when they don’t think they’re doing their share around […]


The Five Childcare Chores New Dads Do Most and Least . . . and the Five Childcare Chores They Actually Like Doing Most and Least

Researchers from the Universities of Virginia and Connecticut looked at how parents divided up 24 different chores . . . and moms did EVERY SINGLE ONE more often than dads.  Dads leaned more towards chores […]


If You’re a Stay-at-Home Parent, You Should Be Making $96,000

Each year . . . usually around Mother’s Day . . . people try to figure out how much mothers would make if they earned fair-market value for all the services they provide. For some […]


Guys, score bonus points!

Guys have NO clue how to impress women or score bonus points with them.  I know this, because I am a guy.  (Not sure if you were aware.)  We may FINALLY know how to accomplish […]