Chilean miners

Update: The Chilean Miner Whose Affair Was Exposed Was Greeted By His Mistress, Not His Wife

We’re very happy and all that about the Chilean miners finally being rescued.  It’s a real triumph of the human spirit and will be a great movie eventually, probably featuring Benicio Del Toro, Mario Lopez, […]


Is Brad Pitt With The Chilean Miners?

YES!  Brad Pitt IS in that Chilean mine!  Not only are the 33 trapped miners getting laundry service, three hot meals a day and video chats with their families, Brad is there to keep them company!


He’s Probably Safer In The Mine

Tom & Maria have blogged about the 33 miners in Chile who are trapped until December.  I felt bad, I’m sure you did too.  However, one miner in particular may want to STAY there as […]