Is Brad Pitt With The Chilean Miners?

YES!  Brad Pitt IS in that Chilean mine!  Not only are the 33 trapped miners getting laundry service, three hot meals a day and video chats with their families, Brad is there to keep them company!


He’s Probably Safer In The Mine

Tom & Maria have blogged about the 33 miners in Chile who are trapped until December.  I felt bad, I’m sure you did too.  However, one miner in particular may want to STAY there as […]


MINERS ON VIDEO: Trapped Chileans Show Humor

Video has surfaced of the 33 men trapped deep in a mine in Chile since August 5th. In the message to their families, the men expressed thanks for the efforts to save them and made […]


Maybe we NEED Daylight Savings!

Thanks to the earthquake in Chile, “Earth days” have become shorter.  OK, not much shorter…just 1.26 microseconds.  But, shorter nonetheless.  Why?  NASA scientists say the quake actually shifted the Earth’s axis!  Will this bring us […]


8.8? Whoa.

“There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.”  Those words from [lastfm]Buffalo Springfield[/lastfm] are my reaction to the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile this weekend.  It was also my reaction to each in the […]