Jeffrey T’s Road Trip – The “Grand” Journey

[sponsored] Living in Peoria, I have a few different ways to get to KOOL every morning for my 9am show.  Loop 101 South to I-10 East is my preferred route.  Sadly, during the morning rush, that can take […]


Jeffrey T’s Road Trip – MILEstones

[sponsored] Just like couples celebrate anniversaries and birthdays together, I think car owners should celebrate similar milestones with their cars.  In this day and age, it’s a huge accomplishment when a relationship lasts – say…25 […]


Jeffrey T’s Road Trip – Where Are Those Keys???

[sponsored] I’ve been on quite a few road trips.  One that really stands out was back in 1995.  I was driving from Harrisburg, PA to Greenville, SC for a job interview.  I’m willing to bet you’ve […]