Photo by: WANG ZHAO/AFP/Getty Images

Cell Phone Lane in China

A city in China has created a special lane for pedestrians who want to pay more attention to their cell phones than their surroundings.  CNN reports the sidewalk along one of the busiest streets in […]


Don’t Worry About The Cellphone

So, cellphones are a cancer risk.  Have you gotten rid of yours?  I didn’t think so!  Phones have been linked to cancer for years.  In 1992 (nearly 20 years ago!), I read a story on the […]


World Health Organization Calls Cell Phone Use "Possibly Carcinogenic" To Humans

Could Cell Phones Really Be Linked To Cancer?

    Do you think frequent use of your cell phone could cause cancer?


Don’t Throw That Cell Phone Away!

There’s an easy way you can help our heroes serving overseas to be able to call their loved ones back here at home.  Just give your old cell phone to Cell Phones For Soldiers.  They […]