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Put Your Phone On Vibrate Or Else

This is classic. So, Art Garfunkel is doing a special performance Long Island that has called an “Intimate Rehearsal”.  He did 2 special shows June 7th and June 8th and they had some problems. In one […]

94.5 KOOL FM–06/18/2013

T-Mobile 11-17-12 175

T Mobile and KOOL Today

Thank you to all who stopped by T Mobile today. Hope that you all grabbed your awesome new phones and plans. Keep an eye out for the KOOL Kids on the Block around town. To […]


T-Mobile and KOOL FM Hanging Loose

The KOOL Kids on the Block Stephanie and Derek hung out with Steve Goddard today at T-Mobile from 12-2 pm. T-Mobile was busy wheeling and dealing their stellar family plans for smart phones and KOOL […]


Six Kinds of Technology That Lie to You Every Day

We found an article online about how some of the technology you use every day isn’t as reliable as you might think.  Here are the top six “Gadgets That Lie to You Every Day”.


You Really Should Turn Off Your Phone When Flying . . . Even One Can Make a Plane Crash

We’re all usually pretty good about turning off our electronics and phones when planes take off and land . . . even though none of us really believe that someone using an iPod is going […]


Bacteria Banter

Are you the type who carries a bottle of hand sanitizer wherever you go?  Do you avoid door handles?  Do you flush public toilets with your foot?  (That is IF you even USE public restrooms!)  You, […]


Tom & Maria Can Save You Money On Your Cell Phone Bill!

Cell Phone Cell phone charges have changed a lot over the past decade. Thanks to price wars, different plans and new services, there’s a good chance you can save some money on your bill: Click […]


Text carefully.

Do you use a company cell phone?  Have you texted with that phone?  BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU TYPE!  It is sooooo easy to forget who owns the phone.  And now, the Supreme Court is saying […]


Stupid invention #7 has a very practical side to it

What a pain to try and talk on your cel phone when there’s noise in the background. What a pain standing in line at (insert wherever you shop) listening to someone screaming a conversation to […]


Wish There Was A Website That Let You Test-Drive The Fancy New Cell Phones Before You Buy Them?

Cell Phone This is really cool…er…uh….KOOL!  :-)  You can “test-drive” cell phones to see which ones you like before you buy them. CLICK HERE  for the info!