And Now . . . an Extremely Annoying Montage of Animals ‘Singing’ “Jingle Bells”

[sponsored] If you love the Barking Dogs doing Jingle Bells…


Eight Weird Facts About Cat People and Dog People

A website called polled over 200,000 pet owners to find out if they were cat people or dog people.  And they also asked a bunch of weird questions to find out how they’re different. […]


Cats Vs. Vacuum: Who Wins?

What is it with animals and vacuum cleaners?  They are sworn enemies!!!  My puss can jump tall buildings in a single bound when the Dyson enters the room.  It doesn’t even have to be powered […]


Your Cat Likes Taking Naps with You, Doesn’t Like Watching TV, and Hates Getting Wet More Than it Hates Dogs

Sonya Fitzpatrick is a, quote, “well-known animal communicator.”  Which means she’s some kind of animal psychic. She looked at photos of 250 cats and somehow communicated with them telepathically, so we’d know what our pets […]


Paws Vs. Claws

You have to watch this classic and hysterical video of a dog and cat standoff . We call it, paws vs. claws and the result just might surprise you. Don’t take our word for it, […]


Debby REALLY Loves Cats!

Have you seen the “supposed” e-Harmony dating video that went viral last week?  I say “supposed” because there’s NO way this is real!  But, nonetheless, it’s pretty darned funny.


Here Are Gawker’s Top Cat and Dog Videos of 2010

If you’re a pet lover, you should check out  Right now, they’re running two videos:  One features the best cat videos of 2010.  And the second features the best dog videos.


Dressing Up The Dog?

I know SO many people who spend more money on pet clothing than they do on their own.  When Halloween rolls around…LOOK OUT!  Some are cute.  Others are downright embarassing.  Animals can be so humanlike.  […]


A “Lost” Synopsis

This Sunday marks the series finale of “Lost” on ABC-15.  SO many people are addicted to this show.  I, on the other hand, have never seen one episode!  I thought maybe it was time to catch up on […]