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Casey Anthony Video Diary

Apparently Casey Anthony is now keeping a video diary.


The “Dancing with the Stars” Couples Have Been Revealed

ABC revealed the “Dancing with the Stars” couples on “Good Morning America” yesterday. 


Dr. Phil Has Landed an Interview with Casey Anthony’s Parents

DR. PHIL has landed an interview with CASEY ANTHONY’S parents.  Naturally, he’ll ask them about the death of their granddaughter . . . and their daughter’s murder trial.  (–Casey was acquitted of murdering her daughter […]


A Man Goes to Jail After Fighting With a Woman About the Casey Anthony Verdict

Well, at least SOMEONE’S going to do jail time over CASEY ANTHONY.  On Saturday night, 42-year-old Robert Hakimoglu of Melbourne Beach, Florida was having an argument with a woman about the Casey Anthony verdict.  Basically, […]


Will We See “More” Of Casey Anthony?

No doubt, there WILL be a movie based on the Casey Anthony trial.  Anything that high profile is inevitably turned into a film.  But, will there be a Casey Anthony movie starring…Casey Anthony?  There has […]


Kim Kardashian Is Outraged at the Casey Anthony Verdict . . . Even Though Her Dad Helped Get O.J. Simpson Acquitted of Murder Charges in 1995

EVERYONE has an opinion on CASEY ANTHONY being found NOT GUILTY yesterday in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee . . . including KIM KARDASHIAN. After the verdict yesterday, Kim Tweeted, quote, “WHAT!!!!???!!!!  CASEY […]


Spectator Flips The Finger @ An Attorney In The Casey Anthony Trial And Goes to Jail

Someone was sent to jail yesterday (Thursday) in the Casey Anthony murder trial, but it wasn’t Anthony. A spectator at the trial, 28-year-old Matthew Bartlett, was caught flipping off one of the prosecutors and was […]