Ten Delicious Holiday Foods . . . and Why You Shouldn’t Eat Them

We’re right in the middle of the holidays, and December starts tomorrow.  So the people at decided to rain on the parade by posting a list of the top 50 holiday foods you should […]


CANDY OVERLOAD: What To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

Halloween is heavenly for chocoholics and anyone with a sweet tooth. But what do you do when you have WAY more leftover candy than you expected?


Test Your Halloween Candy Knowledge . . . Which Choice is Healthier?

A lot of people scrap their diets on Halloween and just pig out. But if you’ve still got some will power left, “Real Simple” magazine has a list of Halloween candy choices . . . […]


When They’re Trick-Or-Treating, Kids Prefer Miniature Candy Bars to Full-Size Ones?

Good news:  There’s no need to be TOO generous when you’re shopping for Halloween candy this year.  Kids actually don’t WANT you to give them the biggest possible candy. A survey of kids by a […]


Happy Halloween already!

Are we getting a little carried away?


How Badly Do You Want To Try a Deep-Fried Cadbury Egg?

  Easter has just been changed FOREVER.  In England, a restaurant owner named Martyn Bilby has started selling . . . wait for it . . . DEEP-FRIED CADBURY EGGS.  And from the pictures, they […]


Easter Is SWEET

If you’re like Tom and me, it’s hard to imagine Easter without marshmallow treats, bunny-shaped sweets and cream-filled eggs. Did you know Easter is the second-biggest time of year for candy sales? (Which holiday is […]


Hershey VS Mars

A longtime rivalry in the candy industry may come to head in court. Hershey Co. (candy)  has sued Mars Inc. (candy) over producing similar candy labels. Hershey contends that Mars’ packaging of its Dove Promise […]


Someone Is Stealing Your Kid’s Candy!

Statistics show that HALF of your children’s trick-or-treat candy will be taken from them this year!  I bet you’d like to know exactly who is robbing your precious little ones…right?  You’ll, undoubtedly, want to have a […]